Colworth Str1ders


Str1ders Relay - 17 June 2011

Position Team Time Comments
1 SEAC Bandits 00:29:26
Stuart Marshall
Roger van Egmond
Todd Gouin
Sam Windebank
Antonio Franco
2 Chill Out 00:30:33
Mike Statham
Willie Young
Helen Woolley
Mark Willmott
Paul Stuart
3 The James Gang 00:30:48
Duncan Talbot
Julian Bent
Jon Collett
Damiano Rossetti
Andrea Williams
4 D.I.S.C.over 00:32:11
Bill Shingleton
Ben Maddison
Matthew Burnett
Iain Preddie
Frankie Bligh
5 Team Ultimate 00:32:46
Olivia Hasseldine
Brianna Hrusko
Karen Kwok
Adam Nevin
Daniel Green
6 The Crawlers 00:33:49
Sally Redfern  
David Messenger
Ollie Durrant
Matthew Reeves
Scott Dougal  
7 Team Ketchup 00:33:55  
Andrew Evans  
Steve Kidd  
Tyler Ludlow  
Alex Dinsdale  
Cathy Steed  
8 The Old Timers 00:36:18  
Trev Cook Designated the token female
Malcolm Holmes  
Paul Sherwood  
Richard Piron Ran 2 legs
9 Better Luck Next Time 00:36:58  
Melissa Ried  
Tim Litchfield  
Jeff Adams  
Ella Ward  
Natalie Brooks  
10 SEAC Reserve Bandits 00:37:28  
Michael Hughes  
Trannum Rahim  
John Bassett  
Nicola Roche  
Toni Wakeham-Moon  
11 Dadd's Army 00:37:47  
Nazanin Haseli-Mashhadi  
Irfan Siddiq  
Nicky Wilkinson  
Alison Kennedy  
Neil Loader  
Well done to all the teams; an excellent turn out, particularly as it was cold and wet. A bit of Alzheimer's going on with "The Old Timers" as they forgot to have a real woman in the team.

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