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The Str1ders is a group of keen (and sometimes not so keen!) runners, cyclists, swimmers, kayakers, and orienteers. They aim to cater for anyone with an active interest in aerobic outdoor pursuits in general. Running is the main activity however and anyone is welcome to come along to the lunchtime training sessions which depart from the Colworth Club House at 12.15pm. The group runs between 4 and 8 miles (generally 7 to 9 minute miling pace), both on and off–road and sometimes incorporates speed sessions.

A New Runners group has recently formed who meet on Wednesdays.

The Str1ders are always looking for new recruits, so, if you want come and explore the vast network of paths, trails and tracks around Colworth, join up – no experience necessary!

Course maps are provided for the local races and other useful material is available, for example details of training sessions and suggested training paces as well as a comprehensive half–marathon training schedule.

For more information and to join the free email distribution list, contact us by email at


Competitive events

The main events of the year are:

  • The Cross Country is normally held at lunchtime on the 4th Tuesday in January
  • The Rotterdam Marathon in April (hosted by the Unilever Netherlands Vitality Runners)
  • The Colworth 8 is held on the 2nd Friday in May
  • The Str1ders Relay takes place on the 3rd Friday in June
  • The Colworth Marathon Challenge is held on the 4th weekend in June
  • The Handicap 5 takes place on the 2nd Tuesday in July
  • The Colworth Mile takes place at lunchtime on the 4th Tuesday October
  • ... and there are regular running time trials on the first Tuesday of every month.

Cycling time trials are also held, usually on the last Wednesday of the month.


Str1ders email

The Str1ders can be contacted via email at