Colworth Str1ders


Running Time Trial – 4 June 2015

PosNameTimeExpectedDifferenceImprovementPace (min/mile)PointsComments
1Michele Franco22:20 NA NA NA05:54.55PB
2Antonio Franco23:1723:40-00:231.62%06:09.68
3Erwan Weber23:4625:02-01:165.06%06:17.210PB
4Giles Rigarlsford27:1827:31-00:130.79%07:13.26
5Michal Kulak30:0328:46+01:17-4.46%07:57.05
6Moira Ledbetter32:2030:40+01:40-5.43%08:33.34
7Nicole Unger38:07 NA NA NA10:05.05
Nice warm sunny day. Welcome to Michele who came to show his brother how is should be done, and welcome back to Nicole, running for the first time after a long break. Sadly, this meant Nicole's handicap had been reset so not eligible to take the ten points but the Timelord has decided to keep the tradition he started a couple of months ago and award new runners 5 points simply as default.


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