Colworth Str1ders


Running Time Trial – 5 May 2015

PosNameTimeExpectedDifferenceImprovementPace (min/mile)PointsComments
1Erwan Weber24:1725:46-01:295.73%06:25.68PB
2Neil Loader24:2824:45-00:171.14%06:28.43
3David Cox24:4625:31-00:452.94%06:33.04PB
4Giles Rigarlsford27:0228:12-01:104.14%07:09.06
5Moira Ledbetter30:1531:20-01:053.46%08:00.25
6Andy Hoddle32:3834:07-01:294.34%08:38.010

Windy conditions but obviously good for the runners as everybody improved on their handicaps.

Well done to Andy, who commented that it was the first race in which he had ever crossed the line first. This may have been due to charity on the part of Erwan who held off in the closing sprint to cross the line just 0.2 seconds behind Andy.


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