Colworth Str1ders


Colworth Relay – 10 June 2015

Position Team Handicap Finish Time (adjusted for handicap)
1 Don't Look Back Todd Gouin 00:00 29:16 29:16
Sam Windebank
Dave Sheffield
Antonio Franco
Giles Rigarlsford
2 Young Guns John Kilgallon 00:00 31:53 31:53
Moira Ledbetter
Chris Lucas
Alex Teixeira
Erwan Weber
3 The Return Of The James Gang Luis Maciel -01:00 33:19 32:19
Lorraine Sassano
Duncan Talbot
Viviana Fucinos-Manrique
Damiano Rossetti

Well done to everyone who took part. A small but quality turnout.

The handicap had been forgotten but has been applied as you can see above. As "The Return Of The James Gang" had two ladies in their team and the others one, this gave them a one minute advantage, which has been applied. It does not change the podium places but puts them only 26 seconds behind the "Young Guns".

We seem to start a new tradition each year on the relay. Last year it was the introduction of the handicap. This year it is the awarding of the "Asian Fire Service Association Golf Day Relay Cup", as this was the only trophy to hand; the original shield award having gone missing a couple of years ago. Well done to "Don't Look Back" on being the first to receive this prestigious award.



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